Society Policies

On this page, members and volunteers will find references to our Society policy documents. If you have any questions regarding these or other Society policies, please contact our President via email: president @

Peach City Radio DJ Policy
Author: J Del Rizzo

Description: The policy outlining guidelines for Peach City Radio providing DJ services to external groups and organizations.

V 1.0
(130.7 kB)
Board Cross Promotion Policy
Author: D Del Rizzo

Description: Draft policy outlining requirements for cross promotion activities.

(57 kB)
Programming Policy
Author: Programming Committee

Description: This document outlines Peach City Radio policies surrounding all aspects of programming, programs and on-air content. This policy is required reading for all program hosts, DJs and producers at Peach City Radio.

V 1.0
(114.6 kB)
CFUZ Harassment Policy
Author: C Thompson/S Mackinder

Description: Policy outlining the Society protocol surrounding harassment.

V 1.0
(122.6 kB)
CFUZ Social Media Policy
Author: J Del Rizzo/S Mackinder/A Drouin

Description: Policy outlining the Society protocol surrounding social media.

V 1.0
(61.6 kB)