Jackie Del Rizzo
Decomposed will feature a wide variety of music but with an emphasis on the Baroque, Classical & Romantic eras (1600 to 1900). In a Music Appreciation course style, the show will explore the building blocks of music, encouraging listeners to gain deeper insight into the theory and structure behind the masterpieces. Composer history and style will be discussed, as will instrumentation, performance, and all manner of musical 'trivia'.

Decomposed will aim to heighten the listener's enjoyment of 'classical' and other styles of music pointing out what to listen for, giving exposure to many types of music, and making them wish they had not quit their piano lessons all those years ago.

This show is currently being produced on a regular basis, and can be heard on the Peach City Radio stream at the following dates & times:
  • Tuesdays @ 1800h
  • Saturdays @ 0900h
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